"High Bottom Drunk is so beautifully written and touches me
so deeply that I have been caught somewhat off guard."

"I thought I understood what alcoholism & drug abuse meant. I was wrong; now I get it, and it blows me away."

Charles N Roper
 Charles Roper
"Thank you for writing this book. I have been married to a 'high bottom drunk' for 32 years. Now I have a definition, and that helps a lot."
"I've been a licensed addiction therapist for the past 18 years and prior to that was a parish minister for 20 years, and I've never read a book more powerful, descriptive, dynamic or clear when it comes to the movement from addiction to sobriety to recovery....It was one of those books that I couldn't put down."
HBD is a beautifully drawn blueprint for spiritual growth--one that I understand and relate to from deep inside."


A Novel... and the Truth about
Alcoholism, Addiction, Codependency
& Recovery
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High Bottom Drunk provides a remarkable bottom line, gut level understanding of alcohol abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, drug addiction, and codependence.

High Bottom Drunk delivers an exciting blueprint for recovery for alcoholics, drug addicts, codependents, al-anons, and adult children of alcoholics & addicts within the context of an incredible story.

High Bottom Drunk is an exceptionally rich reading experience.

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About the Book: Excerpts from High Bottom Drunk.

About the Author: Charles Roper, author & publisher of High Bottom Drunk.

Important Note:  High Bottom Drunk portrays alcoholism, addiction, and codependence - and the behaviors that accompany these conditions - realistically and graphically. Therefore, some readers may find parts of High Bottom Drunk offensive. This is not an apology; it's just a warning.